EV Car Charger Installations

The installation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure is a critical step in the adoption of electric vehicles, as a whole. An EV can absolutely be plugged into a regular mains socket, but should only be done temporarily, due to differentiation of voltage suitability. The easiest way to mount an EV charger is through a ‘wall box’ which can be installed on an existing wall, and connected to the pre-existing wiring. It is also possible to mount the EV charger on a post, this allows for greater freedom of placement.

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EV charger installation tips

Go with an approved manufacturer
A lot of EV manufacturers have a preference regarding the type of EV charger to use, and also the distributors and installers of it.

Get your grant
You can claim up to €600 towards the purchase and installation of an electric home charger unit for private domestic use, and you can also attain an apartment charging grant which assists with the purchase of an EV charging unit for residents and owners of apartments.

Register your EV charger
From September 2022, the EV home charger grant scheme will only support smart chargers registered on Triple E. Our job is to confirm that the product has been installed as a registered electrical contractor.


For more information, visit the SEAI site here

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Home EV charger installation

Attaining a charger for your EV is easy. The first step is to give us a call and we will advise you on everything you need, from start to finish.

EV Car Charger Installations FAQ

How long does it take to charge an electric vehicle at home?

The length of time it takes to charge your EV depends on its battery, and the EV charger speed. On average it will take a 40kWh battery about four and a half hours to fully charge, and a 77kWh battery just under nine hours to charge.

What is preconditioning?

While the EV is plugged into your home, it can warm up the interior of your EV, which eradicates the need to use further energy when the vehicle is operational.

What work is required on my home to install an EV charger?

A cable runs through an isolator switch, and from that switch, the cable routes directly into your fuse board and from there, your charger should be live. We will have to drill maybe two small holes in your wall, which will be neatly utilised to connect your EV charging point.

I want to install an EV charger in my business. Do you provide this service?

Yes. Please give us a call on 0879427453 to discuss options today.